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A visit to Myanmar-Part 2

(Be sure to visit my previous post for more information about Eden Ministry and a few more pics.)

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When we first arrived at the community center, the children were getting ready for a nutritious meal. It may not look like much, but the children gobbled it up. It was some sort of fortified rice meal, very healthy compared to what they may otherwise eat. The center provides the children with 2 meals a day, basic schooling and a place to be off the streets of the slum, away from potential trafficking for which they are highly vulnerable to.

This little girl and I became fast friends. She invited me over to her table after I took this pic and offered me some of her meal. She grabbed on to me and cried when I left. I hope to get back to visit her.


This boy takes care of his younger sibling pretty much all the time:

Except for when he is busy hamming it up for the camera:

It was Sunday and there was a short church service. Some of the parents joined their children.

Myanmar song book:

Also plenty of play time! The center built the play area first upon entering the community, “build it and they will come!” Kids quickly flocked to the place:

This little guy in red pants acted like the mayor of the community. He has strong leadership skills according to the volunteers. I think he has a bright future ahead!

Lisa with some of the children:

More looking around the center:

And more play:


Some members of the Eden team:

Right before leaving the center, one of the young Moms walked us to her newly built one-room home. She was quite proud of it. Here she is with her 5 children. She gave birth to all of them at home!

I hope it’s not my last time visiting Myanmar and the people served by Eden. I hope to share more stories and pics of the amazing work of Eden in the slums of Myanmar. My prayer is that all the children will remain safe, healthy, get a proper education and never fall into the hands of human traffickers, that the families in the slum will strengthen, and that there would be more work opportunities for the adults. The situations are so desperate, the people are so poor, and there is very little work for them to earn any kind of living.

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